Samsung T5 SSD

29 Nov 2019

SSD prices have come down significantly. Of course, when we look back in 5 years we will laugh at what we thought was a good price in 2019 and that is great. But for right now let’s take this opportunity to celebrate the fact that you can get 1TB of SSD storage for 140 dollars and I am sure if you shop around it can be found even lower.

Samsung Drive

The Samsung T5 SSD has been super helpful for me over the last week as I have set up my shiny new 16” MacBook Pro. I know Migration Assistant is great for some people, but I like to start fresh when I get a new computer every 4 years or so. That requires me to move around large amounts of files I don’t want stored in the cloud.

In theory, you could get the Samsung X5 SSD which has read and write speeds 3 times faster. But unless you are using it a lot, I don’t think you can justify 400 dollars for the same amount of space.

Nic Schlueter