Time for a change

By Nic Schlueter | Saturday, Dec 14, 2013

I have been in the DC area for 9 years. It is the longest I have lived anywhere in my adult life. I can't believe it has been that long.

DC has been amazing for me. I have made lifelong friendships. I was one of the first employees at Taxi Magic. I started my own business. I changed my career direction multiple times for the better. I attended the 2008 Obama inauguration when people were excited. I was able to do things I never imagined being able to do.

I say all that because when people relocate, I think there is a tendency to think they were unhappy. I was not unhappy. That said DC is a place that is difficult to call "home." It is big and people are constantly leaving (now I am one of them). I am mostly looking for a place that is a bit smaller with a bunch of new adventures.

Starting in March, I am going to be calling Portland, OR home. I have been there on multiple occasions and have loved it. I am looking forward to exploring the west coast for a while. If there is someone you think I should meet, please do an intro I would like to have a few more friends when I get there.

Some things are not changing though. I am still going to be running 2 limes, my consulting company. I am still going to be pursuing my own commercial and open source products. My day to day will probably not be changed, which is good since I am happy.

Keep being awesome and call me up if you are going to visit Portland.

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